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Updates to Infinite Geometry

Download the latest version (v1.56.02)
Included in version 1.56.02 released 2/26/14:

  • Fixed: Triangle Congruence: Occasionally AAS confused with SAS
  • Fixed: Properties of Trapezoids: Typo in directions

Included in version 1.56 released 8/14/13:

  • New Topic: Segment Addition Postulate
  • New Topic: Midsegment of a Triangle

  • New: Added Geometric notation to custom questions:
    [line AB]
    [ray AB]
    [segment AB]
    [arc ABC]
    [angle XYZ]
    [measure of segment AB]
    [measure of arc ABC]
    [measure of angle XYZ]
    [circle P]
    [triangle WUV]
    [is congruent to]

Included in version 1.55 released 12/11/12:

  • New: Graphs can be added to custom questions

  • Improved: Graphing and Graph Paper utility more powerful and easier to use
  • Improved: Support for loading files from Infinite Calculus
  • Improved: Faster save/load

  • Fixed: Custom questions with an illegal expression could freeze the program
  • Fixed: Certain families of functions graphed incorrectly

  • Note: Older versions will not be able to open assignments saved with this version

Included in version 1.53 released 9/11/12:

  • New: Preference for notation for greatest integer function
  • New: Added maximize/restore button to Presentation View

  • Improved: Help files
  • Improved: Scroll bars
  • Improved: User interface
  • Improved: When choices make a question too tall for a page, some choices are removed
  • Improved: Algebraic simplification routines are now more efficient
  • Improved: Better graphs for: Graphing Linear Equations, Finding Slope

  • Fixed: Wrapping to full-page and half-page could be too wide
  • Fixed: Able to graph certain families of functions
  • Fixed: Issue involving loading & regenerating an assignment and answers being hidden
  • Fixed: Program could ask about changing directions too much

Included in version 1.52 released 5/29/12:

  • Improved: More professional radical signs
  • Improved: Graphs of discontinuous functions have breaks and open / closed holes
  • Improved: Even less likely to crash when generating questions

  • Fixed: Word wrapping could skip blank lines, not wrap where appropriate
  • Fixed: Wrapping to full page in a custom question was too wide
  • Fixed: Products of powers of e (like 2e³) no longer display with a multiplication dot
  • Fixed: Most diagrams appeared incorrectly in print preview
  • Fixed: Random error message on save or load
  • Fixed: Converse of Pythagorean Theorem: Triangles could be classified incorrectly

Included in version 1.51.02:

  • Fixed: Minimum Windows version was set incorrectly

Included in version 1.51 released 4/5/12:

  • New: Added greatest integer function / floor function to custom questions
       Example: Find [int(2x)] when [x=3/5]

  • New: Added piecewise functions to custom questions
       Example: [eval(f,x)] = [piecewise [x] if [x < 0], [xx] if [x >= 0]]

  • Improved: Faster! Optimized rendering of questions to screen
  • Improved: Faster! Optimized graphing routines
  • Improved: Improved graphing capabilities
  • Improved: Diagrams drawn more smoothly on screen

  • Fixed: Questions with "Secant-secant angles, vertex on circle" could provide the wrong answer
  • Fixed: Graphs could omit holes
  • Fixed: Graphs of constant functions or those involving e and π could be incorrect
  • Fixed: Minor indentation issue in custom questions
  • Fixed: Horizontal asymptotes could be drawn beyond a graph's area

  • Note: Older versions will not be able to open assignments saved with this version

Included in version 1.50 released 3/15/12:

  • New: Presentation View window is resizeable
  • New: Presentation View has option to automatically hide the answers when a new question is displayed
  • New: High-level filter to prevent questions from containing an illegal expression

  • Improved: Faster! Optimized the simplification of mathematical expressions
  • Improved: Faster! Improved undo/redo algorithm
  • Improved: Smaller executable size
  • Improved: "Current Question Sets" list easier to use
  • Improved: Options windows resize more smoothly

  • Fixed: Angle Bisectors of a Triangle: Answer could appear twice in multiple choice questions
  • Fixed: Directions in Trapezoids questions could read, "Find the length of the angle..."
  • Fixed: Certain expressions in a custom question would cause the software to crash
  • Fixed: Expressions like root × term would not print a multiplication dot

  • Note: Beginning with this version, Windows XP SP3 is the minimum required version of Windows
  • Note: Older versions will not be able to open assignments saved with this version

Included in version 1.45:
  • New: Assignments from this program can be opened and modified by our other programs
             (Assignments saved with v1.45 or greater can be opened by other programs v1.45 or greater)
  • New: Student data fields (name, date, period) can be renamed
  • New: Additional student data field available
  • New: Add & Continue is available when modifying an existing question set
  • New: Link to this details page when a software update is available
  • New: Product serial numbers can be placed in config.txt to facilitate enterprise installations

  • Improved: Better backwards- and future-compatibility

  • Fixed: Assignments with quotes in the title don't prevent Save As
  • Fixed: Quotients could be sometimes be simplified incorrectly
  • Fixed: Writing Linear Equations: Answer can't be line given in question
  • Fixed: Directions for Volume/Surface Area stated rounding to the wrong place
  • Fixed: Inscribed Angles, system of equations: Choices sometimes were nonsensical
  • Fixed: Inscribed Angles: Sometimes a 90° angle is not labeled
  • Fixed: Identifying Quadrilaterals: Grammatical error in directions
  • Fixed: Proportional Parts: Sometimes the question omitted the unknown
  • Fixed: Multi-Step Equations: Program could freeze
  • Fixed: Add & Continue respects change in problem type
  • Fixed: Powers of i are correctly displayed

Included in version 1.01:

  • New Topic: Arc length and sector area

  • Fixed: Automatically checks for updates


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