How To Create An Assignment

Step #1:Choose the type of question to create

Choose a topic

The list of topics is organized like an index, so it is very easy to find the topic you are looking for. Here, only a few Pre-Algebra topics are shown.

View Topics by Program

Step #2:Customize the questions

Factoring Topic Options

Each type of question has its own options that let you specify exactly what the questions will be like.

Here, the options for factoring integers and monomials in Infinite Pre-Algebra are shown. Examples of what your questions will be like appear on the right.

You can control the size of the numbers, what is being factored (numbers/monomials), the format (free response/multiple choice), how the number or monomial is factored, whether to include negative numbers, and whether to include prime numbers.

There are also Easy, Medium, and Hard buttons that will apply a preset combination of choices for you.

Add more questions

An assignment can have as many different types of questions as you like.

Step #3:Set the title & review the assignment

Tweak the assignment

Double-click on the heading area to set the title and sub-title of the assignment. The answer key also includes this title to help you stay organized.

It is a good idea to review the questions that were created just so you are sure everything is as you expected. Individual questions can easily be regenerated if you don't like them.

In addition, most questions allow you to manually modify them if you just want to change them a bit.

Step #4:Choose the overall length

Choose the length.

The questions will be automatically spaced to reach your desired page length. Questions can also be manually spaced very easily.

Save paper by reducing the overall length, or increase the length to give students more room to solve the problems.

No more cutting and pasting!

Done:Print the assignment

Printing Options Dialog

When printing, you have the option to print multiple versions. You choose how those versions are created and if you would like to save them.

Answer sheets come in four varieties: a sheet with just the answers, a sheet with just the odd answers, a sheet with both the questions and answers, or no answers.