Support for Kuta Software

If your problem is not listed, contact Please include specific error messages and details.

The List of Topics Disappeared

Description: When you start the software all that you see is a blank assignment. The list of topics has disappeared. You can't create any questions.

Cause: The side panel is minimized:

Closed Panel

Solution: Click View > Split. The cursor should turn into a vertical or horizontal bar. Drag it to the middle of the screen and click. The side panel should now be visible again. Click and drag the edge to shrink it to a more reasonable size.

Can't Open an Assignment

Description: You can't open an assignment created on a different computer.

Solution: The assignment was most likely created with a newer version of our software. Update your software and you should be able to open the assignment.

All Activations are in Use

Description: You can't activate the software and you get the message "All activations are in use."

Cause: A single-user license can only be activated on up to two computer at once.

Solution: Deactivate the software from one of the computers it is currently activated on. You can then activate it on a different computer.

Program is Asking to Activate Again

Description: When I start the program, it asks me to activate it again but it is already activated on this computer.

Possible Causes and Solutions

  1. The activation data were lost because your computer was re-imaged.
    • Solution: You should be able to activate the software again. The Kuta Software servers will recognize your computer as one that the software should already be on.
  2. (Single-user license only) A different user activated the program than the user that is currently logged in. A single-user license activation is only good for the user that activated it.
    • Solution: Log in as the user that activated it.
  3. (Single-user license only) Activation data are sometimes lost due to a bug in the software. This bug only affects single-user licenses of Infinite Algebra 1 prior to version 1.35.10, Infinite Pre-Algebra prior to version 1.35.10, and Infinite Algebra 2 prior to version 1.06.10.
    • Solution: Update your software to the latest version, here.
  4. Certain fundamental hardware or software components upon which the computer is identified were changed.
    • Solution: Contact customer support to remove the record of the previous activation.

Printed Pages are Mirror Image

Solution: Update your printer drivers.

There is this patch for the following Brother brand printers:

  • HL-1230
  • HL-1240
  • HL-1250
  • HL-1270N
  • HL-1435
  • HL-1440
  • HL-1450
  • HL-1470N
  • HL-1650
  • HL-1670N
  • HL-1850
  • HL-1870N
  • HL-2460
  • HL-2600CN
  • HL-3450CN

Printing Errors or No Printing

Solution: Update your printer drivers.

Infinite Pre-Algebra Assignment Files Conflict with iTunes

Description: Infinite Pre-Algebra files have iTunes icons. When you double-click on them, they do not open in Infinite Pre-Algebra.

Cause: Certain iTunes files use the same file extension (.IPA) as Infinite Pre-Algebra assignments. When you double-click on a file, Windows uses the extension to decide which program to open the file with. iTunes has been associated with this file extension and so Windows uses it to try to open the file.


  1. Open Infinite Pre-Algebra files from within Infinite Pre-Algebra; start Infinite Pre-Algebra and click File > Open to open an assignment.
  2. Change your file associations so that .IPA files are opened with Infinite Pre-Algebra instead of iTunes. To do this, right-click on an Infinite Pre-Algebra assignment, choose Open With > Choose Program. Select Infinite Pre-Algebra.