Test and Worksheet Generators for Math Teachers

  Create customized worksheets in minutes

  • Save time!
    Stop searching through textbooks, old worksheets, and question databases.
    Create questions with the characteristics you want them to have.
    Automatically space the questions on the page.
    Print professional-looking assignments.
    Display examples during the lesson.
  • Improve learning!
    Differentiate your instruction
    Improve your materials.
    Adapt to your individual classes.
  • Reduce cheating!
    Print multiple versions of tests.
    Create a separate version for make-ups.
  • Powerful!
    Never runs out of questions because it doesn't use a question bank.
    Questions are created on the fly.
  • Comprehensive!
    Creates both multiple-choice and free-response questions.
    Over 85-125 question types in each: Infinite Pre-Algebra, Infinite Algebra 1, Infinite Geometry, Infinite Algebra 2, and Infinite Calculus.
  • Simple.
    Extremely intuitive interface.
    No demanding computer requirements.
    Windows and Mac compatible.
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The best resource you will ever have.   

"I absolutely love this software! In less than five minutes I made a quiz that will assess this week's practice work." "Your product has made my lesson planning so much easier! Warm-ups, extra practice, and even tests/quizzes are a breeze to create. Thank you for such a fabulous product." "I love the fact that I don't need to read and choose problems. I can just choose the parameters--it is so much quicker!"

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